Amie Equestrian On-Line Services...

With the current situation, we wanted to offer an Alternative way of coaching. 

We wanted to offer our professional service to all level of riders and horses, still looking for support. Whether you are looking for coaching, to gain more knowledge  or to continue competing, we can help! 

Have a look at our On-Line Services and choose a option that suits you. We look forward to welcoming you to Amie Equestrian.

On-Line Coaching

Whether you compete Dressage, Show Jumping or Eventing, Amie Equestrian can help you.

Send a video to us of you schooling at home, flat-work or Jumping and Amie, BHS Stage 4 Coach will review the video, send you feedback and schooling exercises to help improvement.

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Tuesday On-Line Dressage 

Have you ever tried competing On-Line? 

Pick a Dressage test, from Intro to Elementary, practice and send us an official video doing your test. It will then be judged by Amie BHS Stage 4 Coach Dressage Specific. Prize for 1st and 2nd place. Competition is on every Tuesday.   

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Service Prices

On-Line Coaching


BHS Stage 4 Coach to review video 

Feedback included 

Schooling Plan

1/2 price lesson voucher included




BHS Stage 4 Coach to judge test


Schooling Exercises

1/2 price lesson voucher