Sponsorship Rider's At Amie Equestrian 

Up-dates will be updated on their competition record on separate pages once we have them sorted.

For any information on our Sponsorship and our Riders please get in touch with Amie via the contact page.

Sponsorship Rider Sandra and Quest 2020

Sandra applied for the sponsorship, as she was struggling with her confidence. Sandra’s aim is to get back to BD Elementary but actually I’m determined to take her further then that- Advanced Medium. 

Sponsorship Rider Naomi and Pixi 2020

This mare has a lot of potential. Naomi is a lovely quiet rider knows exactly what she wants from her mare. Their plan is to get out and have ago at pretty much everything. Can I get them to affiliate at BD, BE or BS??

Honor Duff and Gordon

2019 Sponsorship Rider

When i first saw these two come to my clinic, i thought wow. They both showed huge potential and i knew they would be my first sponsorship horse and rider. 

Their aim is to compete British Dressage Elementary Dressage. Keep a look out on their process.

They are competing their first BD Prelim Day Ticket on Sunday 21st July   

Melaine Jayne and Paddy

2019 Sponsorship Rider

Qualified HOYS 2019

I picked Melaine and Paddy as the first thing melaine said to me was "cobs cant do dressage" straight away i thought that's my 2nd horse and rider for the sponsorship. Melaine also has a goal to compete Elementary Dressage. They are both so determined and every time i see them, the improvement is huge. Keep a look for updates on their progress.  

Melaine and Paddy are competing in their first British Dressage Novice on a Day Ticket on Sunday 21st July.